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 “Kepler College is a non-profit organization that provides quality education in astrology and related disciplines including a structured pathway to professional practice.”

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Your Generosity in 2020-2021 has enabled Kepler College to:

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What Our Students Say About Us

Our students are a diverse group, using their education in creative and enlightening ways.

About Kepler College

“As one who holds two graduate degrees from accredited universities, I can say with some certainty that Kepler’s curriculum is current, comprehensive, and most importantly, interesting!”

Karen Pujals

Past Certificate Honoree

Memorable Moment


A memorable moment in Kepler was the first day of class with the enthusiasm and excitement I felt as I embarked on this journey that has turned into a passion. 

Jose S. Camero




Excited to be a part of the Kepler Family


 “After many, many years of studying astrology on my own, I was so excited to find Kepler’s online diploma program.  It was really the only way I would ever have been able to complete such a program, since I live in Alaska most of the year.”

Gloria Scigliano

Past Graduate