Instructor: Ali Gully and guests

10 week course, begins September 18, 2022

9 AM - 11 AM PT

Prerequisite: A solid knowledge of the core components of natal astrology and interpretative techniques; basic chart interpretation skills.

Required for the Professional Diploma

Students who have completed this course will receive an extended Fundamentals Certificate.


Required books can be found under the Fundamentals Series section of the required materials list.

This course focuses on synthesis and application. Students will work on finding basic themes, answers and interpretations using the natal chart to address client issues. By the end, students will have increased confidence in their interpretation skills, be better able to identify major life issues, and be able to focus on answering specific who, what, where and when questions raised by clients. They will also have a better understanding of the principal ethical
issues in astrological sessions.

Students will:
• Explore various ways to enter and explore natal charts depending on the questions that clients present.
• Use and improve their critical thinking skills.
• Use who, what, where, when and how questions to identify key issues in the chart.
• Examine and refine different ways to integrate the Sun, Moon and Ascendant factors in the chart.
• Locate major themes in the life.
• Use methods to explore and identify issues in relationships, employment, health, etc. via the natal chart.
• Understand the principal ethical issues connected with astrological sessions
• Gain experience in dealing with spontaneous questions and issues arising in astrological sessions with clients.

Students in this highly interactive 10-week course will meet online weekly to work on delineation. They will also have a course website for further materials and discussion.

For success in W104, it's helpful to be familiar with differing uses of whole sign vs. quadrant houses plus concepts and techniques related to the tempo of adjustment (Makransky), derivative houses, essential and accidental dignity, plus traditional use of profections, fixed stars, and aversion.

Ali GullyAli Gully is the voice and visionary behind Ascent Astrology. She blends her background in therapy and passion for Hellenistic astrology into her work. With a BA in Political Science, a MSW from Tulane, and a MA in Organizational Psychology, Ali uses the person-in-environment approach when working with clients and organizations. She taught many classes in crisis management, self-care, ethics, as well as the basics and predictive methods of astrology.

Ali is a strong proponent in astrological pedagogy and apprenticeships; she has mentored under Maureen Leininger, Kelly Surtees, and April Elliot Kent. Ali is a member of several professional astrological organizations including the AFA, OPA, ISAR, AFAN, and NCGR. She is currently on the Steering Committee for AFAN specializing in Media Watch, Scholarship, and Membership. She is also on the editorial staff of Midheaven Magazine. Ali Gully lives with her husband, son, daughter and Scottish Terrier in Wisconsin.
Her email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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