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Featuring the work of four of our certificate and diploma graduates.

Vanessa Lundborg - Clearing out Astrology’s 8th House
Andrew Ifandis - Two Eclipses Long Ago – A Research in the Dynamics of Eclipses
Rebecca Bihr - Tilting the Wheel of the Year: A Seasonal Look at Lunar Phases
Rocco Minetti - Barbara Streisand through the Lens of Astrology

Clearing out Astrology’s 8th House
by Vanessa Lundborg

Lundburg Vanessa 200pxWhat is the 8th House really about? How did it go from Death and Taxes to the House of Sex - and should it go back again? From regeneration to degeneration, in this brief comparison of traditional and modern 8th House meanings, we’ll shed light on subjects we cannot easily see and explore how this taboo area of the chart came to be so forbidden and misunderstood.


Vanessa Lundborg is an avid astrologer, Resonance Repatterning practitioner and certified consulting hypnotist, using astrology every day in a personal and professional capacity. She is a recipient of Kepler’s Professional Diploma in Astrology and continues to be involved with the college as a TA for the Bridge Course and W101 Fundamentals 1.

Vanessa's specialties include natal and relationship astrology, Past Life Exploration and working with the stars and subconscious in so many ways to increase positive life responses and joy.
To learn more about Vanessa, visit her website:

Two Eclipses Long Ago – A Research in the Dynamics of Eclipses
by Andrew Ifandis 

Ifandis Andrew 200pxUnder the influence of the eclipses everything takes on a special significance. They are said to result in emotional peaks and that they may sometimes bring about sudden and critical events or even result in crisis or drama.

Ever wondered how potent the eclipses are? If their effect is only psychological or if they also have an outward manifestation? Do you know for how long after they occur, is it that we may be influenced by their effect? Let us travel back in time, to a haunted place, and learn the dynamics of eclipses with a case study that will enlighten us and shed light on the above questions


Andrew Ifandis is a Kepler College certified astrologer and author, known for his insightful consultations and accuracy in predictions. In June 2017 Andrew predicted Schwarzenegger's heart surgery one year before it actually happened in March 2018. His articles appear regularly in various publications and has been published four times in the Astrological Journal, and also in Career Astrologer. Andrew's acclaimed horoscope analysis on the nativity of the celebrated Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman, has been re-published by

Andrew approaches the horoscope as a portrait of a person’s inherent potential. His readings reveal the natal chart’s vibrant dynamics and can constructively help towards awareness, self-realization and externalization of the creative within oneself. When forecasting, he uses a mix of astrological prediction techniques and creates a meaningful narrative on the emphasis that the planetary cycles have in different areas of your life. Andrew Ifandis has two Certificates in Astrology (With Distinction), from the esteemed Kepler College of Astrological Studies in Washington, and is a member of OPA.
Contact information:,, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tilting the Wheel of the Year: A Seasonal Look at Lunar Phases
by Rebecca Bihr

Bihr Rebecca 200pxIn studying the lunar phases of the Moon, we are commonly presented with the concept that the New Moon is associated with Winter Solstice - as the darkest phase of the Moon correlates with the darkest time of year. But what if we tilt the wheel so the New Moon phase aligns with the Vernal Equinox?

Altering our viewpoint and looking at the New Moon as related to Aries is a helpful way to strengthen our understanding of lunar phases. Incorporating the signs of the zodiac from this perspective sheds light on the essential nature of all phasal relationships. When we marry the lunar cycle to the annual solar cycle we can gain insight into the nature of all planetary cycles, deepening and enriching our entire astrological practice.


Rebecca Bihr is a consulting astrologer based in Los Angeles, California. She has been awarded an Advanced Professional Diploma in Astrology from Kepler College holding an NCGR Level III Equivalency and is a member of ISBA, ISAR and OPA. Rebecca also works as a teaching assistant at Kepler and collaboratively publishes the weekly Venus Rises Astrology Podcast. She utilizes a fusion of modern and traditional techniques and continues to expand her knowledge of the stars through studies in evolutionary, medieval and astrological magic.
To learn more about Rebecca visit

Barbara Streisand
by Rocco Minetti

Minetti Rocco 200pxRocco will highlight select natal and chart movement techniques gleaned from his years as a Kepler student and apply them to the chart of Barbra Streisand. He will use natal chart analysis, personality/temperament, transits, returns, and synastry to illustrate how astrology identified Streisand's serious recurring or debilitating physical problems and major life events.


Rocco Minetti's interest in astrology came on suddenly. The more he learned, the more he wanted to learn. Knowing that he would benefit from a structured environment to keep learning, he found Kepler, where he eventually earned a diploma. He continues his education through self-study and the occasional online class or webinar.

Rocco currently works for the US Forest Service and resides in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and three sons.



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