Astrology for Beginners


Astrology can lead you to a deeply satisfying depth of personal self-knowledge and self-development far beyond your astrological birthday sign.

You can dive deeper into understanding yourself, family, friends, and eventually clients if you want to develop a professional practice. Take this first step into learning the building blocks of astrology.

This introductory course covers signs, planets, and houses. You will receive professional-level astrology training through video classes and live practice sessions throughout the course.

This class is perfect for newbies to astrology. Register today and take your first step toward learning the fascinating intricacies of astrology.

You have six months to complete this course at your own pace. This course will prepare you to pass the placement assessment and enter one of Kepler's Certificate Courses or the Diploma program.

All Kepler courses, workshops, and programs are taught by experienced professional astrologers.


Self Directed workshop - take at your own pace. 

$237 workshop or click below to take the free Kepler College Placement Quiz and get a code for the promotional price of $197.

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