registerUSA Solar Return 2022 Workshop

With Dorothy Oja

October 15 10 AM - 12 PM Pacific


A Solar Return represents a blueprint for the year to come by confirming the new Solar infusion of power and possibility. That’s the moment when the transiting Sun returns to the exact degree and minute of the birth chart. Yes, of course there is controversy as to what the true birthchart is of the Unites States. At the same time, July 4th has been embedded in the national psyche and celebrated as such since the beginning of the country—and that is significant. Using the Sibley chart, we will examine the outlook for this pivotal year in the American democratic experiment.


Oja Dorothy 2020 150pxDorothy Oja, certified astrologer, international clientele. She lectures, writes and teaches. Specialties: Elections for Surgery, Relationships (Davison Chart). Faculty for the International Academy of Astrology and Kepler College. She founded The Relationship Club, hosting astrologers lecturing on relationships. Book: Planetary Resonance, Everything Leaves a Trace. Computer reports: Compatibility & Conflict for Romantic Relationships and Friendship and Business (Cosmic Patterns Software). Dorothy publishes a newsmagazine, PlanetWeather (25 yrs.) including social commentary. Community service: AFAN's Chair of Legal Information,16 years ISAR Board member, Chair of Ethics and developer of Ethics Awareness Training program. Dorothy's book in progress on the Davison Relationship Chart.

Twitter: @ojadorothy 

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