[Course][Core] W103 Fundamentals III: Building Delineation Skills


[Course][Core] W103 Fundamentals III: Building Delineation Skills W103-22-23-1
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Instructor: Inga Thornell and Karen McCauley

Enroll By : September 11, 2022

DATE: Sundays, beginning September 18, 2022

TIME 9:00-11:00 AM Pacific Time

Course Length : 10 weeks - all live classes are recorded

Topics covered include Decanates • Dwads • Fixed Stars • Planetary Speed • Oriental • Occidental • Derivative Houses • Introduction to Planetary Cycles • Comparing Approaches to Delineation • Client Issues & Ethics (personal filters, attitudes, and beliefs).


Prerequisites: W101 and W102 or equivalent

This term focuses on building students' ability to interpret a chart, as well as adding additional techniques to help hone their understanding. On a regular basis, students will examine techniques to synthesize the astrological symbols to create a coherent interpretation. Along the way, students will explore their own beliefs and filters in order to develop their delineation skills and become aware of additional ethical issues.

Instructor Bio

Inga Duncan Thornell graduated from Kepler College with a BA in East-West Studies and a minor in Mythology. She continued her studies at the University of Wales, Trinity St. David in the Cultural Astronomy and Astrology program. She has returned to Kepler College as an instructor. She also works with clients in a private coaching practice. Her interests include astrology, mythology, and ritual. Inga’s goal is to help her clients better understand and constructively utilize the planetary energies in their lives by recognizing them within themselves and others and to invoke their powers at will. Please see www.dunthor.com for information.

Inga teaches:

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