W112A Practicum: Applied Rectification Practicum


W112A Practicum: Applied Rectification Practicum W112A-22-23-1
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Instructor: Carol Tebbs

Enroll By : September 24, 2022

Start Date: Saturday, October 01, 2022

TIME : 8:00-10:00 AM Pacific Time

Course Length : 5 weeks


W112A or W113A Required for the Professional Diploma

Prerequisite: A solid knowledge of astrology fundamentals and W110 or proof of equivalent training in movement techniques

Even with births confirmed by a birth certificate, all birth times should be tested because of the wide disparity of recording around the world. Common problems with recorded birth time accuracy are:
1. Times rounded to the quarter hour
2. Times recorded in standard time by statute, when daylight time was in effect
3. Clock and watch variances and
4. Birth time not a priority for the medical staff.

The ANGLES of any chart should be confirmed with movement techniques aligning appropriately to activate the natal chart at dates of major life events. Without accurate birth time, the astrologer’s forecast for the client could be off by a year, or more, which is not professionally acceptable. W112A focuses on
time range searches from a few minutes to six hours and meets the PAA/NCGR
rectification requirement for their Level IV professional certification.

Advanced astrology software that can search various movement methods is highly recommended, such as: Solar Fire 9, Sirius 3.0, Time Passages, and others. Jigsaw (a research program) is not required.

Areas of study include:
• Testing major life turning points with the natal angles
• Assisting the client in searching family sources for the birth time or birth time range
• Establishing a method for narrowing the birth time range
• Using rectification search software to narrow the birth time search
• Dealing with ranges of data accuracy from AA to DD (Dirty Data)

By the end of the course, students will:
• Know the important areas of practice and controversy in rectification
• Demonstrate knowledge of timing all planetary cycles: transit, progression and direction as shown in the student’s final rectification presentation
• Evaluate the importance of activated natal chart angles at important events
• Test potential birth times with several movement measures for appropriate alignment with life events within the birth time range

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